Do you know the differance between TRADE-IN DISCOUNT, and the CASH VALUE of your equipment???
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broker of used Surgical
and Medical Equipment.

Since 1981 we have
been helping medical
facilities in a variety of
special needs.

Our focus is to be the
single source for your
used equipment needs.

Because of  today's  high cost of medical equipment,  nothing can be overlooked.

  used  equipment is worth money to you, and...

Trade-In  is  NOT  the Answer!

Most facilities do not have a reliable source of eliminating dated, yet
usable equipment.

Hospitals & Health Care Systems  can recover some of the cost of
purchasing new
 medical,  and   surgical  equipment,  &   find  a   way
to  eliminate   some  storage   concerns.  

DCS Medical   focuses on... returning  CASH  to YOU
for your used Medical & Surgical Equipment.


Call   DCS Medical... we have easy solutions for used medical equipment.


Our customers include: universities, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers,  cardiologists, internists, family practice physicians, pediatricians, respiratory specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, neurologists, physical therapists, veterinarians, and many other types of doctors and research centers.

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